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My business in Hethersett uses Halon fire extinguishers. Can these be repaired?

Halon 1211 (BCF) extinguishers (denoted by green colour coding) have been banned from general use as mentioned in the EC Directive E3093/94 (except for the armed services, police and aircraft) since December 2003 due to their ozone depleting properties. The staff can advise on the disposal of Halon fire extinguishers, and provide a new, more suitable fire extinguisher in Hethersett.

How long will a fire extinguisher in Hethersett last?

A well serviced fire extinguisher is expected to last 10 years. The specialists offer a supply and maintenance service, and can advise you on purchasing a replacement, or servicing your current one to prolong its lifespan.

How many fire extinguishers will my commercial properties in Hethersett require?

The British Standard 5306-8:2000: Selection and Installation of Portable Fire Extinguishers will tell you how many fire extinguishers will be necessary for your business premises in Hethersett. The team can also guide you on this.

When must fire extinguisher servicing Hethersett be undertaken?

In accordance with British Standard 5306 which is legally binding, fire extinguisher servicing Hethersett must be carried out on an annual basis. A fire extinguisher service in Hethersett from the team ensures that your business fulfils its legal and insurer requirements, and gives you confidence about your safety.

Fire Extinguisher Hethersett

Fire extinguishers Hethersett

The specialists offer a selection of services for organisations, including supplying all sorts of fire extinguishers in Hethersett. Whether you want one foam fire extinguisher or numerous dry powder fire extinguishers, they can help you.

There are 5 fire class ratings, which describe the nature of a fire. It is essential to know of these classes, and the kinds of fires which could occur at your workplace. This will help you to tackle the fire properly.

The classes include Class A, which covers organic material like wood chips, paper, or cotton. Class B refers to a flammable liquid fire, whilst Class C is a flammable gas fire. Metal fires come under Class D, whilst Class F refers to cooking oil and fat fire.

Different fire extinguishers are effective against different kinds of fires. Water fire extinguishers in Hethersett are effective against Class A fires and are often used in warehouses, offices, shops and schools to name but a few examples. CO2 fire extinguishers Hethersett are effective against Class B fires and electrical fires. The white cloud of CO2 generated over the fire will deprive it of oxygen.

A foam extinguisher in Hethersett is suitable for Class A and Class B type fires. From paper to paint and oil, foam fire extinguishers are suitable for a number of environments.

A powder fire extinguisher in Hethersett can handle Class A, B and C fires, and they come in a variety of different capacities. Finally a wet chemical fire extinguisher in Hethersett is designed to handle oil and fat fires which can be a common occurrence at takeaways, restaurants and university halls. A spray of wet chemicals is applied to the oil of fat fire, which seals and cools the fire at the same time.

Before a fire extinguisher is installed at a designated location, fire extinguisher commissioning must be done by a component engineer. This is to ensure that the fire extinguisher was not damaged during transportation and is fit for its intended purpose.

Co2 Fire Extinguisher Hethersett

Fire extinguishers in Hethersett are an important tool in controlling fires. With so many varieties available on the market its crucial that you have the correct fire extinguishers for your commercial premises, in full working condition at all times.

Failure to install and service fully functional fire extinguishers can result in large fines and legal action from third parties and staff. Your insurer could also withhold compensation payments resulting from the preventable fire and smoke damage towards your fixed assets.

When you invest huge amounts of time and money into your Hethersett business, you will want to make sure that your investment is protected. Legally compliant fire extinguishers will give complete peace of mind that this is the case. When replacement fire extinguishers in Hethersett are necessary, you can be assured of a fast call-out response rate.

Only a high quality fire extinguisher in Hethersett and fire fighting equipment are obtained, installed, commission and maintained by the team at a cost-effective price.

Get an estimate regarding fire extinguishers Hethersett with the enquiry form provided on this page. The staff are confident in the service being provided and they shall quickly respond to your initial enquiry by phone or email during working hours.

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