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Is a fire risk assessment for my Chesterfield business required?

Since the introduction of the Fire Safety Order in 2005, the law requires every commercial premises in Chesterfield to have a fire risk assessment carried out. If 5 or more employees are at the workplace, the fire risk assessment must be in writing.

A written report is still advisable for sole traders requiring fire risk assessment in Chesterfield as it is proof that the work has been conducted.

How often should a risk assessment for fire in Chesterfield be carried out?

The law requires that the fire risk assessment for your Chesterfield business be reviewed on a regular basis although there is no set frequency. The fire risk assessor will recommend a review period which should be taken into account. The Fire and Rescue Service would expect most assessments to be reviewed annually.

Can a fire risk assessment in Chesterfield be completed by the employee?

Whilst this is possible, the current legalisation realises that businesses have limited resources such as staff and time. The fire risk assessors can carry out the fire risk assessment in Chesterfield on your behalf, whilst preparing any documentation so that you're legally compliant.

Will I have to close my business during a fire risk assessment in Chesterfield?

You will not have to shut down your business in Chesterfield when the fire risk assessor comes. However during fire risk assessments in Chesterfield, they will need access to all areas of the premises alongside a meeting with the person responsible for overseeing workplace fire safety.

Fire Risk Assessment Chesterfield

Fire risk assessment Chesterfield

Whether you have an existing fire safety risk assessment in place or not, the well trained fire assessors in Chesterfield can help.

The comprehensive fire risk assessments in Chesterfield cover a range of business properties including shops, offices, colleges, restaurants, night clubs, factories, hotels and hospitals. These are just a few of the locations where the team can offer their services.

This service is also provided for property management companies, landlords and letting agencies. These individuals and organisations are legally required to have specific risk assessments in Chesterfield for flats, houses of multiple occupation, maisonettes, care homes, clinics, etc.

All commercial premises with 5 employees or more will require a written assessment. Even if the business in question only has one employee, a fire risk assessment in Chesterfield is necessary to be fully compliant with the law.

Fire risk assessments in England and Wales are a legal obligation as outlined in the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which is applicable to every commercial building. Similar requirements apply in Scotland under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, and in Northern Ireland under the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

After the fire assessor has visited your business premises you will receive a complete report with their observations, recommendations and action plan.

The reliable fire risk assessors in Chesterfield provide reports that are tailored around your business activities and building. They will always give clear and justifiable reasons why a fire prevention measure should be carried out in accordance with British Standards.

With service centres across the UK, a service can be provided with beneficial discounts for multiple buildings requiring fire risk assessment.

Fire Risk Assessments Chesterfield

Fire safety risk assessments in Chesterfield consists of a 5 step check-list where the "responsible person" must carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment of the business.

First, you need to identify what could ignite a fire at your business property and what materials would burn. You should also identify who is at risk during a fire and if they are especially vulnerable e.g. the elderly, disabled and children.

Evaluate the risk of a fire starting and remove potential fire hazards. Protect people by utilising appropriate fire fighting equipment and precautions e.g. fire detection and warning systems, emergency routes and exits.

You then need to create a record of the fire hazards discovered at your business buildings and create an action plan in event of a fire starting. If you have 5 or more staff a written record must be kept.

The relevant members of your team should be instructed and trained. Fire risk assessments in Chesterfield for commercial organisations should be reviewed on a regular basis as the nature of your business can change over time, e.g. new work practices, significant increase in stock levels or tackled a fire recently.

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